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Marzagão Family

If you happen to be moving to Nashville area you must get to know and work with Jacob. We moved to Nashville in August 2018 from Brazil. When we called Jacob he answered the phone at 9 pm!! He worked very hard until we found the perfect house for us. We chosen Franklin because of the quality of the schools and Jacob had shown us several homes. Most importantly Jacob was always very vocal about what would be good fit for us and genuinely cared. We bought the house way below market price and couldn’t be any happy about our choice. I will say his negotiating and contract strategies paid off tremendously. Jacob was very friendly and knowledgeable in regards to people moving from other countries like our case. After exceeding all our expectations and going over and above… We realize Jacob has developed an incredible network of partners that have been helping myself and my family settles here in Franklin. From mortgage, to repairs, to carpet cleaners, etc. all has been excellent. If you are looking for Realtor that really cares about his clients by establishing long-term relationships. I definitely recommend you to get to know Jacob. I am confident that he will do for you what he did for us.